Our Route


North America – The Proposed Route (2010-2011)

In October 2010 we left from our home in Nova Scotia, Canada and started pedaling for warmer pastures. With our dogs Jack and Paco along for the ride we plan to bike south into the USA until we get too cold, before hiring a van and continuing the journey down south.  From Georgia we’ll bike coast to coast through swamps and deserts to California, roughly guided by the Adventure Cycling Association’s Southern Tier route.


Our European Adventure (2008-2009)

In July 2008 we quit our jobs, sold whatever couldn’t fit on the back of our bikes and pedaled away from Belgium. Following the seasons, we cycled south through Germany, Switzerland and France into Spain, where we spent winter in a cave. When the snow melted we continued north again, traversing the south of France, the mountains of Italy, Austria and Slovenia, before heading to Scandinavia and the tip of Arctic Norway. After hanging out with herds of reindeer our European adventure finished with snowfall in the Baltic Countries and a warm welcome in Berlin in the winter of 2009. After 10,000 miles/17,000 kms of cycling we were only 400 miles/700 kms from where we started!


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