The Books

Hi folks, welcome to a series of children’s picture books that we penned during our bike travels. These cute little stories are an introduction to the wildlife, landscapes and cultures of different countries from around the globe. The books are cleverly crafted with an upbeat mixture of rhyme, alliteration and dialogue and are brought to life by the delightful illustrations of Monika Suska. We hope you enjoy!

Update: The Great Grizzly North & Lost in London are due to be released in May, 2011. A three book box set will also be available featuring the entire Dog Detectives series so far…


The Great Grizzly North

When the Dog Detectives pedal into the wild woods of Canada they find a bully in ‘town’… a big, mean grizzly one. The grizzliest grizzly bear of all has stolen everyone’s bikes and turned the forest into a place of fear.

Jump on your mountain bike and help Detective Jack and Deputy Poco find the missing bikes in time for the Great Rocky Cycling Race. Along the way meet curious martens, feisty beavers and other furry Canadians.

The Great Grizzly North is inspired by the wild wooded valleys of the Rocky Mountains in Canada, an area with such rich biodiversity that it has been labelled the ‘Serengeti of the North’. The stunning scenery and wild animals of Canada are beautifully illustrated by Monika Suska.

This charming tale is an ode to friendship and to treating everyone with respect… even bullies!

The Great Grizzly North is due to be released in May 2011. Stay tuned for details. Click on the pictures below to take a sneak peek at the book…


Lost in London

Great Britain is doomed! An ancient legend has been broken. The guardians of the Tower of London – six black ravens – have disappeared. Pedal full tilt with the Dog Detectives between London’s amazing landmarks and help answer the riddle of the missing ravens.

Lost in London is a charming tale of riddling rats and meddlesome bats that is sure to get kids thinking.

Lost in London will be released worldwide in May. Click on the pictures below to take a look inside…


An Outback Odyssey

Detective Jack and Deputy Poco are cycling through the hot, dry Australian Outback when they crash into a new case. A group of tired dingoes have stolen a sacred musical instrument to help themselves sleep. It is up to the Dog Detectives to sniff out the dingoes’ trail and uncover the mystery of the missing didgeridoo.

An Outback Odyssey is the first book of the Dog Detectives series and is filled with the colourful characters of the outback, including a speedy emu, a chirpy kookaburra and a lovable wombat, “too slow to be a dingo, too fat to be a bat”. This story is a celebration of the power of teamwork and the rich culture of the Australian Outback.

Published in October 2010. To buy online:

Click on the pictures below to have a squizz at the story: