About Us

In the summer of 2008 we sold whatever couldn’t fit on the back of our bikes and pedaled away from life as we knew it. Along with our two doggy co-pilots we have cycled over 10,000 miles/17,000 kilometres (about half way around the world) through 20 countries. Along the way we have all kinds of curious creatures, and enjoyed the simple pleasures that are so easily overlooked in cluttered and hurried lives. Our bike adventures with our two dogs inspired us to write the children’s picture book series The Dog Detectives.



Jack is a gentle giant with a legendary appetite – over 40 kilos (90 pounds) of lovin’ from which no food is safe – even lettuce! He is part Husky, part Border Collie, part Golden Retriever and his soft, fluffy golden coat attracts the pets of many strangers.  Jack is the inspiration for Detective Jack.



In Czech Paco means crazy, and Paco enjoys living up to his name on a daily basis. Paco is a wild and scruffy dog with a powerful nose that can smell trouble from a mile away. He is a fast and clever Portuguese Podengo with a talent for solving problems. Paco is the inspiration for Deputy Poco.



Fin & Zoa

Hi! We are two odd socks who met in the dark of an Icelandic winter. Zoa is a latte loving Canadian girl, while Fin is an Australian boy with a love of meerkats. Together we live our passions – travel, bikes, books and adventure – and are the authors behind The Dog Detectives.


Life on a Bike

Jack enjoying the Autumn leaves in Sweden

What goes down, must go straight back up: Jack and Zoa heading for Portugal

Jack and Paco sharing navigational differences in Spain

Paco in L A P P L A N D, Scandinavia

Fin, Jack and Paco enjoying a rest in the snow covered Italian Dolomites

Happy riding in Arctic Norway

Happy riding in Arctic Norway

In July 2008 we quit our jobs, sold whatever couldn’t fit on the back of our bikes and pedaled into the sunset with our two doggy co-pilots.