What’s for Lunch?

Have you ever eaten Alligator before? How about Turtle? Frogs Legs? Squirrels? Or how about Raccoon? Well if you ever feel the need, you should head to ‘Cajun Country’ in Louisiana, which is wedged between Mississippi and Texas in the south of the United States.

The word ‘Cajun’ is often linked with cooking, and for good reason. The Cajuns are a warm and fun loving people who enjoy eating all kinds of meat, usually spiced up with some chillies and Louisiana hot sauce. ‘Gumbo’ – a spicy meat stew – became a favourite meal of ours to warm the bones after a long cold day of cycling.

But Cajun culture is more than just spicy food. Cajun is actually a shortening of the word Acadian – a group of people who left France a loooooooooooong time ago – the 17th Century to be precise. The Acadians sailed across the Altantic Ocean and settled in Canada, only to be kicked out shortly after by the conquering British Army. One of the places they were sent was Louisiana where their name was shortened from Acadian to Cajun.

Soooooooooooo… to cut a long story short that’s why you can speak French and order Frog’s Legs in the south of America. Bon appetit!


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A dog loving mad hatter with a zest for travel and all things yummy.
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